Help and FAQs

Here you will learn what it takes to start enjoying Winkmi!

To get started:

What is a Wink and how to create one?

A Wink is a photo or video message you can send to one or more friends(even though they are not yet in Winkmi).

Taking pictures and videos

To take a picture, tap the circular button or tap the up arrow button to upload a photo from your gallery button.

To record a video, press and hold the circular button for the time you want to record (up to 10 seconds).

To delete a photo, click on the button "X" in the upper left corner.

How to draw, add text, filters and stickers?

To draw on your photo, click on the pencil you'll find on the right.

Stickers: If you want to customize your message in a fun way, you can add items to the photo by clicking on the star icon in the edit screen and choose from a large number of categories (glasses, mustaches, wigs, etc.).

Text: To add text, click on the screen and type in the bar. To set the text again pressed on the screen or hit "enter". If you want to increase the font size, click the icon in the "A".

Filters: Swipe to the left to add filter effects.

How can I send Winks?

Sending Winks

In Winkmi you can chat and any other chat with text, photo or video. The difference is that everything disappears after being viewed by the receiver.

Send Winks: You can do it from where you're more comfortable (from the chat, from friends or from the camera).

If you want to send a text message, you can do it in chat which is as easy to use as any conventional one. In contrast to them, when you leave the conversation and go back to it, the messages have disappeared.

If you want to send a picture or video message, after editing it to your liking (with text, filters, stickers, etc.), choose a time from 0 to 10 seconds, which is what will have to see who gets it.

Then press the paper airplane icon in the lower right corner and take you to your Winkmi friends list and phonebook contacts, to select which friends Winkmi or contact email, WhatsApp or agenda, you want to send Wink.

When sending a video message, you must not select the latter, since the duration of the video itself (from 0 to 10 seconds), will be just the time during which you can display the message and can send it directly to your friends or contacts in WhatsApp, email or agenda.

You can also send Winks going directly to the camera or friends list (select the recipient) and from there go to the friends list.

How can I see received Winks?

View Winks: If you go to the mailbox (the screen with the bubble icon), you will see all conversations (chats) you have open and accessible to anyone clicking on it.

If you have an icon of an orange bubble filled means that there is a pending message display. To do this, you have to click on the chat and within it, the icon of the bubble. In the upper right corner, you will see the seconds remaining until its disappearance.

The green paperplane icon indicates all winks sent by you. To send a Wink tap the camera icon.

To send a text message, click on the bar at the bottom and the keyboard will be displayed. Text messages disappear when you leave the conversation. From the picture or video messages will only be notified if they have been read or not.

How I can add and invite friends?

To add friends, you can do this in two ways. By entering your phone number in the registry (as you do in any instant messaging app), will tell others of your friends have already Winkmi so you can add them.

Additionally, you can add friends, of which you have your nick or user name even if you have your phone.

All this can do on the "add friends" to which you can access by clicking on the icon that represents a person who is in the camera screen and once in, by clicking on the icon person with sign +.

In "add friends" you can add to those already in winkmi or you have invited to connect and invite friends via WhatsApp or email in case you still are not.

How I can meet new people and chat with them?

Winks: Share moments and meet new people.

In Winks, you can share fun times or see that other users have shared publicly chat with and meet new people.

If you want to see Winks published by other users, click receive and you can chat directly with them and add them as contacts.

You can also send fun and share with the community of Winkmi time, allowing you to meet and chat with other people with your interests.

Enjoy Winks, sharing funny moments, telling us about yourself or sharing interests and meet new people in Winkmi.

How to access settings and what can I find in it?

To access this section, you have to press the gear-like button that is in the inbox screen. In the Settings section you'll find options to better customize your user experience.

For example, you can be sure that if you've verified your phone to confirm that you are friends of yours Winkmi and that they too can find you, if you want.

Similarly, you can define your level of privacy (if you allow Winks receive any user or only when you add both be friends in Winkmi).

You can also delete the mailbox or send suggestions for improvement.

More important questions:

Who develops Winkmi?

Winkmi, has been developed by an international team of engineers and entrepreneurs (some makers www.mitmiapp.com) and supported by executives from leading technology firms such as Google and Nokia, such as: José Pérez Sastre, A. Senior Manager in Google) and Hyun Park (former Director of Product and Marketing at Nokia), which are Winkmi advisors and investors.

Winkmi, is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in technology, whose priority is to provide free and universal messaging tool ephemeral, with maximum privacy and one of the safest systems communications market.

Winkmi equipment is located between Madrid, Barcelona, Seoul and Helsinki.

Is Winkmi free? What terminal is compatible?

Winkmi is free and always will be. Its revenues come from the sale of stickers, games, music and value added services.

Currently available for iPhone 4,4S, 5S and 5C (iOS 6 and later) and Android (2.2 and later).

How secure and private is Winkmi?

Winkmi, is one of the applications safer and more private messaging market.

If we talk about security, encrypts your communications Winkmi end to end, with two layers of strong encryption (server-client and client-client). It is based on the AES 256 encryption and RSA 2048, two of the most advanced and secure encryption.

Regarding privacy, all the content that is shared in Winkmi disappear completely from the server and the application, after being seen by the receiver.

What countries and languages are available?

It is available globally and translated from time to English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese level.

Further questions:

What values inspire the development of the team at Winkmi?

Fun, image-based messaging: We believe that visual communication is the most natural way to communicate and close. If you want to share any time or emotion is not only better and more effective to do it with images, but also is more efficient, it is better and communicate faster than using text (making good the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words ).

Furthermore Winkmi offers free effects to customize many picture messages (filter photography, stickers, text effects increase, etc.) to make communication even more fun.

Free and easy to use: The ephemeral messaging is here to stay and must be free and very easy to use making it accessible to anyone.

Privacy: It is important to give the user control over their privacy and to decide if you want with whom, how and how long to share content with anyone. The number of interactions we have in social networks and applications has grown exponentially in recent years and with them numerous content sharing personal character on which it is important that you have freedom of choice and control (many moments deserve to be shared , but not all physically stored).

Safety: There are many widely used messaging applications that have not set the security level requiring something as sensitive as the protection of content from its users. Therefore, the team Winkmi, wants to respond to these gaps with one of the best products on the market that provides security in communications (to send files securely even at Wi-fi public).

In Winkmi, the contents disappear completely from the server and the application once have been viewed by the recipient. Which means not only peace of mind for the user, but also for the team Winkmi, while a large cost savings for the project (as compared to a traditional messaging app almost every server costs, occur when processing the contents and all costs storage the least possible), releasing economic resources that can be used to improve the product.

Spontaneity: Winkmi is designed to provide a natural and spontaneous communication to know that everything is shared safely and everything disappears, very close to a real conversation in person.

If you have any additional questions about, or write us at info@winkmiapp.com or twitter @winkmi_en