What is Winkmi?

Winkmi is a free instant messaging app that lets you share all your moments (through text, pictures and videos) and make friends.

Share moments that will disappear on the Secret Chat

Unlike other messaging apps like WhatsApp, everything you share will disappear after being viewed by recipient.

By submitting a photo, you will set a 0 to 10 seconds, which is the time the receiver will have to view it.

Once that time has passed, the shared content on the Secret Chat, will totally disappear both from the server and the app.

You can record and share videos up to 10 seconds long, which is just the time during which the recipient will view it.

Meet new people

With Winkmi, you can also meet new people using "Winks" (With which you can receive and share photos and meet other users Winkmi).

If you tap "receive", a chat with another user opens, you will see the photo you have sharing, chat and if you wish, add your friends.

If you tap “send", you can share photos with other users with whom you can chat and connect, as desired.

Winkmi, one of the most Secure and Private messaging apps

These two aspects are priorities for Winkmi equipment, so you can chat with the utmost privacy and security.

In Winkmi not only everything you share disappears after being seen, but all your communications are secure, encrypted end to end. Winkmi has two layers of strong encryption (server-client and client-client). With the AES-256 and RSA 2048, among the most advanced encryption industry standards, which situates Winkmi, as one of the safest apps market messaging.

Who develops Winkmi?

Winkmi was founded and developed by an international team of engineers and entrepreneurs (from Spain, Korea, China and the U.S., among other countries). Winkmi has top executives from Google and Nokia both as investors and inverstors, like Hyun Park (former director of product marketing for Nokia) and José María Pérez Sastre (A. Senior Manager at Google).

The priority for Winkmi team, is to create a universal and free visual instant ephemeral messaging app in which communication is fun, private and secure.

(Winkmi, comes from "Wink me", for its speed, brevity and fun is what you do while you chat with friends using Winkmi).

For inquiries, further, please contact us at info@winkmiapp.com or twitter @winkmi_en